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A Global Supply Chain

  • We offer the lowest prices

  • We buy in bulk at the lowest possible prices

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Our Values

We have a big vision, provide better tools to conduct science.
Our goal: reinvent the methods section.

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Digital Comes First

Our Mission

Our primary goal is empowerment by implementing digital logistics for low cost high quality scientific tools.


We do our best to Conduct Science the right way. We are a digital and distributed company, which means we work in slightly different ways and, that’s ok; it means it is innovative.

Global supply chain

We offer the lowest prices, buying in bulk at the lowest possible prices. We are able to operate at a low cost and pass the saving on to customers.


We work for science, because our leadership are scientists. Our mission is to guide and offer science tools to our community at the lowest possible prices.

Our Partners


MazeEngineers | Behavioral Neuroscience

MazeEngineers brings behavioral research to the forefront of innovation with cloud computing technologies, wireless systems, and automated data tracking technologies.

Country: United States


Phone: (866) 296-7065

Noldus | Innovative solutions for behavioral research

Develop and deliver innovative software and instruments for behavioral research, in close collaboration with the scientific community.

Country: United States



(703) 771-0440