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Virtual Reality for Science

Unlock Virtual Reality for Scientific Experiments

Simian Virtual Reality is a web-based publisher for scientific experiments. Your experiment is built for you, the data is generated and outputted to you in easy to publish formats.

Simple, Easy, and Flexible

Isolate Variables

Variable Who: Subjects can interact with researcher, other participants, and control how the interaction between participants occur

Variable What: Your standard experiment package comes with 10 object items from our vast library to insert into your experiment. Signage, interactive objects, and more.

Variable When: Manipulate Zeitgebers, dilate time, reverse time

Variable Where: Library of environments at your disposal

Variable: Why: Multiple options for reward, punishment

Variable How: Limit key actions such as jumping/walking/running/swimming and other key motion interactions


Avatars, social interactions


Items and explorations


Zeitgebers, dilate time, reverse time


Environments, contexts, mazes


Rewards & Punishments, Operants


Methods & Education