Knowledge Translation

Our toolbox for Implementation Science


get your manuscripts, blog posts, content right


Press releases, blog posts, white papers


11 languages, all to common human understanding


Infographics, illustrations, tables, charts, journal art & more

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, and more


State of the art websites for science communciation

Content Creation

Build your brand’s authority and legitimacy.

Integrated knowledge translation (IKT)

A big problem

The failure to put research findings into action is a major societal issue and contributes to an estimated $200B (USD) of wasted research funding

REAIM framework

All of our tools are built around the idea that research should be disseminated for maximum ROI. This includes 4 parts: Reach, Adoptation, Implementation, Maintenance

Research Effectiveness

We tackle the issues around dissemination of your research
Effective Design

Our services are designed to tell a story. Our professional designers, illustrators, and web experts give you the medium expertise you need

Scientific Expertise

Our researchers, medical doctors and staff are on hand to ensure scientific validity of KT and design work

True Impact

By leveraging the best modern digital tools such as digital design, sites, and social media, your research can be seen and known by the world


Your valuable grant dollars and research work need to be effective. Conductscience KT products help you reach your goals, both for promotion and for societal impact