Optogenetics Laser


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  • Wavelength: Blue Light 473nm, Green Light 532nm, Yellow Light 593nm.
  • Stability, <5%, <1%, and many other different stabilities for the laser to choose to meet different needs.
  • Output power :0-50mW, 0-100mW and 0-200mW, adjustable.
  • Connect a variety of fibers, FC-PC connectors.
  • Connect the waveform generator or stimulator to control the light output.
  • Reliable performance, long lifetime, average life expectancy is more than 10 thousand hours.
  • Exquisite appearance, compact size, portable.
  • To be used in conjunction with laser goggles.


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    473nm Blu-ray Laser, 532nm Green Laser-50mW, 593nm Yellow Laser-50mW