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Project Managers

Data Science

Outsource your lab, improve efficiency, get published

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Fast Turnaround

Our scientists work quickly to get you the results you need. Instead of taking years to train a data scientist, or programmer or a technician, outsource microwork in your lab to our team. We’ll take care of it and your lab becomes a much more efficient operation

Cost Control

You get a quote for bundled hours that you can purchase with your grant stipend, just like any centrifuge or microscope. These hours are burned along the way and sent to you while the team works, so you can track not only hours used but also progress. Projects are done right

Managed Projects

Many talent and job boards do not come with project managers, so its unclear when results are delivered, or how the project is going. All projects come with a project manager so you can ensure efficiency.

Best in the world is a Harvard Innovation, and we recruit from the most talented networks in the world. You get the benefits of a digital and distributed team, flexibility, and efficiency.